What is the official chronological order for watching the Marvel tv series?

I want to watch the Marvel tv series from the beginning so I need to know the order to watch them in 

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    2 months ago
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    You can put together such a list from the info here.


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    2 months ago

    I'd just watch them in the order they were released.  With the exception of "Captain America: the First Avenger" the movies all take place in the present day (with some having flashbacks) so the story chronology is basically the real world chronology. 

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  • 2 months ago

    The general rule on everything MCU is that events happen in APPROXIMATELY realtime.  Meaning that if Movie 1 is released about a year before Movie 2, that's ABOUT how much time passed.  There are exceptions and the general rule doesn't withstand extreme scrutiny, but Feige has said that this is generally true.

    I see no reason to believe that the TV series should behave any differently.  There are a few references to the movies from the TV shows, and usually that's because the year that season aired a particular movie already came out.  

    So the answer is 'watch in release order by season'.  

    However, I would say that you really don't want to do this.  Most of the Marvel TV series outside of the Netflixverse were poor.  Agent of SHIELD had little moments here and there where you thought "Oh, this show is finally going to hit it's stride and get good"...but it never did.  The characters were boring, the humor was flat, in many cases the acting was bad, and the stories generally weren't interesting.  And that was the high water mark.

    The Netflixverse fared better.  The first couple seasons of Daredevil were legitimately good.  The first season of Jessica Jones was outstanding, and the second was okay.  Luke Cage had enough good parts that I would recommend it though I often wondered where they were going as the plot had a tendency to stop and meander, accomplishing nothing for long periods of time.  But that actor playing Luke, he needs to be turned into an action star like PRONTO.  Make it happen Hollywood because you have a super-buff dude who is built like a tank and seems to actually be able to act.  Punisher's first season was also outstanding.

    But the Netflixverse also had some real turkeys.  Iron Fist was awful.  Defenders had one or two cute moments but otherwise was so bad that I had to force myself to finish it.

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  • 2 months ago

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