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I haven’t had any acting work but I have a few (different Genre) monologues- would putting the together be a good make-do showreel? ?

Any advice 

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    A show-reel is part of a marketing package for an actor and may be reviewed by casting director to get an idea of an actor's previous screen work and see how the actor projects on screen.

    So what do you need a show reel for?  Who's going to see it?  How will it fit in with your overall plan to market yourself and your skills?  It doesn't make much sense to make a show reel just to say you have a show reel - because in some situations having a crappy show reel could hurt you.  It could just show people that you really don't know what you're doing in front of a camera.  

    If you haven't done any acting work, then the type of jobs you would be submitting for probably don't need a show reel at this point.  

    But if you want some video to post on your website or in case some submission asks for a video then sure, you can film a monologue or two or it could be a video of you singing a song or doing stand-up or whatever.  It's not really a show-reel or demo-reel.  It's just video of you doing what you're really good at.  You're not going to fool anyone into thinking you're an experience screen actor or anything and it's not going to compete against actual professional show reels, but it's something.

    It's best to upload your video somewhere (YouTube, Vimeo, a professional website etc) and share that link in your submission.  Do not put on a personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram account or the like. That's for your personal life not a professional life.  And link directly to the videos you want them to see not the entire YouTube channel or something.  Avoid attaching your videos to the email because chances are, the file size will be too large to send via email. Also avoid using zip files because many will delete them without opening out of fear of computer viruses.

    Make sure the videos themselves are well done - lighting, sound, and the rest are all good.  There are several websites that provide tips on self-taping, review them.

    Good luck.

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