How do I change my own name/photo for the “Maybe: Contact”?

Hello. So I know that IPhones have this thing where if an unknown person messages/calls you, they show up as “Maybe: (and their name),” and sometimes a photo of them too. Can I see what name and photo comes for me? Also, is there any way I can change mine and for it to change on other phones too? Thank you!

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  • 1 month ago
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    Most of those pictures are based on things like Facebook, Pintrest, LinkedIn and other online sources, and some are from other public accessed apps and social media profile pictures.

    So you never know if it's a picture you have tagged with them or their profile or something they or a friend of yours has tagged that has some sort of connection to you or not. 

    Also if your carrier offers any sort of Enhanced Caller ID, profile information that contains a picture and phone number, may pop up if that series of numbers pops up. T-MOBILE offers this as a paid service. Does not always do more than pull up the state the call is coming from, but many times it gives you Name, address when their non contact number shows up. 

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