Where are these people during Red Dead Online?? ?

I was just curious if anybody had any information, remember any dialogue or heard anything on the whereabouts of the rest of the Van Der Linde Gang during the events of Red Dead Online. 

I know the online takes place before the main story and that you can meet a few of them like Sadie, Trelawny, and Sean. 

I have tried searching Google, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit for info on the rest of the gang but can't seem to find anything. I looked for anything I could find on Dutch, Arthur, John, Sadie, Charles, Micah, Hosea, Lenny, Bill, Strauss, Grimshaw, Tilly, Javier, Karen, Molly, Pierson, Abigail, Uncle, Mary Beth, or Reverand. I also looked for old member we never met such as Mac, Davey, Jenny, and Annabelle to no avail.

If you know anything on where these people are or what they are supposedly doing during the events of online, please fill in the blanks for me. 

BONUS QUESTION #1: Same question but for other characters like Colm and his gang, Milton and Ross, Bronte, Cornwall, and any other major characters I might have missed.

BONUS QUESTION #2: What ever happens to Mrs. Jessica LeClerc and Horley after Red Dead Online? Where are they during the main story? What are they doing? 

Thanks for any help you guys got.


Didn't mean to put Sadie twice. I know you meet her in the online mode. Didn't mean to put her with the ones I couldn't find. So ignore that.  

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