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Occult books cannot be a scam. True or false?

Because it is regarded in the same light as the Bible, or any other religion, which cannot be proven as a 'scam'.

Therefore, if a 'spell' doesn't happen to work then it is never treated as a 'scam', but rather than an instant of 'fraud' it is treated like a 'religion' instead.

For occult literature are considered to be a type of 'religion' and are treated as such, thus, there can be no concept of any 'fraud' whatsoever if the 'spell' doesn't happen to work.

True or false?

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    If everything that can't be disproven exists,  then every god and goddess you've ever heard of and millions you haven't heard of all exist.

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  • 1 month ago

    They're bs.but some r interesting or at least funny

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      But how do you know that it's bullshit, what evidence is there to support this viewpoint?

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