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I have a gaming desktop that I purchased about 8 years. The issue is when I play video games like dota 2 or CSS on lowest graphics, my monitor will suddenly go black, however I can still hear the game running in the background, audio is still working. Monitor doesn't come back to normal until I have to manual shut down my desktop. Also, when the monitor does go black, there is a sudden load fan noise in the back of my pc like it is running in full blast super load. Any ideas?

Thank you


GTX 760

INTEL core i7 4770K

motherboard: Z87-G41 PC Mate(MS-7850)

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  • A.J.
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    1 month ago
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    Many possible issues, but likely it is a failing graphics card. Your PC is from 2nd half 2013 most likely. Old gaming PCs do fail and need parts replaced. You can be having issues with overheating, especially at the graphics card under load. Power supply instability at 12V can also cause it as a glitch instability by its age and load. Graphics card can have capacitors worn out. If the monitor only goes black under gaming loads it is not the monitor. An i7-4770K is still a reasonable CPU to work with good graphics cards.

    You should look up proper dust cleaning by youtube videos as useful in general.You should install SPECCY or other freeware that looks at temperatures.You could shut down completely, remove the graphics card, change the cable to the CPU graphics from the motherboard, and see if you get issues.Look at the power supply label and get its brand and model number to get an idea of its quality. If never replaced, any weaknesses in it are due for a replacement.But overall, it is time for a new graphics card.A new RX 570 or GTX 1050 TI in the USA is available at $130 to $140 and is an upgrade of 20 to 30 percent.  That values a used GTX 760 in proper working order as a $60 to $75 card. It isn't worth enough money to consider repairs, and may not even be possible.If you had the money, a new GTX 1650 in the USA at about $150 is probably the best pairing with your i7-4770K. Use pcpartpicker for shopping, plus other cards at the selling sites. Used cards do not tend to be great deals. People want a lot more than they are worth typically. A GTX 1650 is only a 75 watt card typically. You might find a used GTX 970 in good condition for about $100 would be worth it.Power supplies have gone up in price, part from tariffs and part from covid-19.I don't believe it is the power supply, but if never replaced and was a 3 year or less warranty model, it is due soon. Also, an original spinning HDD is due for replacement.You clone old onto new. A standard 2.5 inch SSD of OK quality about 1TB is available in the US at about $100.

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    • A.J.
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      Probably a capacitor or cooling of the graphics card. If plan to replace it, you can try taking it apart, clean it, look for any physical issues of capacitors on it. Consider its current value broken and fixed in working with it. I think you would love a GTX 1650 if you could afford it.

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  • 1 month ago

    Don't use a bottleneck detection website, Please. Those are pure BS. If you look around, you will find benchmarks of how a 4770k performs with any particular card. There are plenty of amateur hardware reviews on youtube making videos using old hardware mixed with new hardware. My brother had a 3770k with a GTX 1070 for a while and it ran well with no bottlenecks to speak of.

    Some sites like GPUcheck.com will give you performance metrics of different games. Anyone that's telling you to pair a low end graphics card with a 4770k is making a guess based on the CPU being old. Modern PC games have not began to utilize the extra cores and threads of these 6 and 8 cores processors with SMT/Hyperthreading, which is why an old CPU like the 4770k is still suitable for modern gaming. You'll still get good performance with a 4770k and a GPU like the GTX 1660 ti, and the RTX 2060 would work too.

    The Core i7-4770k came out on June 1, 2013, which makes it nearly 7 years old. You probably bought the system 6 years ago.

    Generally, you try to quell the software side of things before you begin to poke around with the hardware. Cover the basics first. Use a program like Display Driver Uninstaller to wipe out the old Nvidia drivers, then reinstall the drivers. Get rid of any 3rd party programs. You can even go as far to try a different HDMI cable.  Use a program like HWInfo64 to figure out if there's any overheating.

    I have a lot of Graphics cards that I use for compute and I've had the system take a crap on me. Here's a short list of things that I've done that worked.

    -The GPU is wearing out which means it can't hold the same clock. Sometimes these graphics cards will clock up too high out of the box. You can use a program like MSI Afterburner to either lower the clock speeds or raise the voltage. When this happens, the Graphcis card is usually dying.

    -Bad drivers. Use DDU to wipe the old driver, then reinstall.

    -System RAM. I've had this happen with systems that weren't playing well with the system RAM. It would be a good idea to check the RAM with a 3rd party program to test for stability.

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  • 1 month ago

    seems your graphics card is on its last legs. look for bottlenecking detection website and use your cpu and other specs with lowest possible graphics card in the mix ... it will give you suggestions for modern gpu that will work well with your system

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