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Why did he want me back after this?

My bf of 5 years and I broke up about 8 months ago. We have a lot of history and a child together, who’s still very young. My bf is 25, and I am 24.. over the weekend he went hiking with his best friend. Somehow they ended up doing shrooms which doesn’t happy often at all, very rarely something like this would happen! Anyways he started texting me  saying he wants to grow old with my daughter and I, and couldn’t wait to see me.. we cuddled that whole day after, and also had sex, twice.. sorry TMI but I’m just very confused, on why he changed his mind, does shrooms give ppl some sort of realization of things?? I love him dearly and want to stay together and be a family so I was beyond happy. I still am very happy. Something is just making me question why, does anyone have any opinions?

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    Mushrooms can change your perspective and priorities, but it doesn't always last. Any benefits you gain usually start to wear off in a month or two and you need to actively choose to maintain your healthy habits and thought patterns. This means you need to pay more attention to what he does than what he says. So far he has told you a nice little story and had sex with you, that doesn't prove anything. What is he actually doing to regain your trust? How is he making your life better? Is he an equal and reliable co-parent? Tell him what your needs and expectations are and hold him to a high standard from day one. Don't settle for less and don't take his sudden change of heart at face value.

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    Mushrooms can have all sort of affects on the mind, including sex and I'm guessing the daughter you have with him is one of the reasons he wants to get back together. But talk to him again about this when you know he's not high on anything.

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