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Who wrote this text?


How many people have I heard say they wish a smart woman was in their lives! I would encourage them to think it through.  Smart women 

They make decisions for themselves, have desires of their own and set limits.

You will never be the center of her life because it revolves around herself. 

An intelligent woman will not be manipulated or blackmailed, she doesn't swallow guilt, she assumes responsibilities. 

Smart women 

question, analyze, argue,

they don't settle, they move forward.

Those women had life before you and they know they will continue to have it once you're gone. 

She's here to warn, not to ask for permission. 

Those women don't look for a leader in the couple to follow, 

a dad who solves their lives, not a son to rescue.

They don't want to follow you or mark the way for anyone, 

they want to walk beside you.

She knows that life free of violence is a right, 

not a luxury or a privilege.

They express anger, sadness, 

joy and fear alike,

because they know that fear

doesn't make them weak the same way anger doesn't make them "masculine".

Those two emotions and the others, all together, make her human And now! 

A smart woman is free because she has fought for her freedom. 

But she's not a victim, she's survivor. 

You try to chain her up because she will know how to escape. Remember she's done it before. 

The intelligent woman knows that her value does not lie in the appearance of her body or in what I do with it. Think twice before judging her by her age, height...

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    Somebody who doesn't quite get smart women, IMO.

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    It's not very snappy, is it ...

    Poor writing and a dodgy premise.

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  • Liz
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    I've never heard that before, however, spiritually speaking, a smart women is one who worships God and lives by his righteous standards. Her love for God, coupled with her good works, brings the capable wife (woman) commendation and praise. Why, her fine deeds are spoken of approvingly even in the gates, the city’s news center! She is reminiscent of Ruth, to whom Boaz said: “Everyone in the gate of my people is aware that you are an excellent woman.”—Ruth 3:11.

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      If a woman was smart, she wouldn't believe that deities are real when there is zero evidence that they exist.

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