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Have you ever used weight loss as 'revenge'?

I was played by this guy for longer than I should have allowed from T*nder. I seem to think that it was because I was 50lbs overweight. This was nearly 2 years ago now and I was HEARTBROKEN. I then found a love for the gym and running so I did that and have lost all the weight and I feel GREAT! I do however know this guy is back on T*NDER and a part of me wants to create a profile talking about how i've turned my weight around and put some put some pictures of me now on there. I know this might sound childish but i feel i REALLY want to get a dig in at him and show what he lost - a LOT happened with us....should I use my weightloss as revenge and create a new T*nder profile?

I can do it in a way that isn't all look at me, maybe mention it quickly that i love running and have lost weight due too it? obvs have my good pictures on there

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  • Goerge
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    2 months ago

    Bad idea. You are feeding the wrong beast morally speaking. I would still post the pictures but not with revenge at its center. I would use it as a confidence booster and it is proof you care about yourself so it would be an attractive trait. I would also keep in mind that you could be wrong about the weight and that you are too spiteful and this revenge path is proof of why he left.

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