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Is this feeling that i'm feeling called lonely or is it something else?

I have friends, I feel great when i'm with them, then I get home, the lonely alike feeling kicks in, it makes me want a bf, but I also want my own space, like I don't want my bf to move in with me, but sleeps over like twice a week, go out with me, have fun with me, cook and eat with me, have someone stand up for me, calling me his. A shoulder for me to rest on.

What is this feeling? Is my brain telling me I need a bf? or what?

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    Well, it's good to sometimes have such feelings. It creates the difference between your WANT and NEED..

    ask yourself, at what stage do I feel lonely? And what do I think of that make me Lonely?

    Lovely is of the MIND. 

    When you have those times with your friends, your mind is occupied and does feel lonely.

    In order to deal with these feelings, you have to constantly OCCUPY your MIND.

    this brings you to your Hubbies

    *Music* Movies* reading* cooking etc

    Some people like to always talk to themselves when they are alone.

    They look into the mirror and admire themselves and talk to themselves.

    Eg, you get back from work and say, wow it has been a good day, what should I do next? 

    And you will say, hmmm, I think I should take a hot bath, get that nice mean and watch a movie or maybe have a good night's sleep.

    These little things help. Because when you add a boyfriend to the loneliness, it creates another problem for you when your boyfriend can't fill up that space. So try to make yourself happy first before you invite someone to your heart.

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    Its normal to feel alone. We are social animals. Time to find a best friend or a BF. Im in the same boat as you, im trying to find that one to be with, not easy, but I keep trying.

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