How do I succeed in Math HL IB?

My math average is 5 and 6, which is eligible for HL, but I seem to find exams really hard, and my teacher is just nice. Next year, there will be a new teacher.

How do I succeed? I am aiming for a 6 or 7 in the DP.

Tips are welcomed :)

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  • Elaine
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    3 months ago
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    Here are a few useful tips.

    1)  if you don't understand the concept in class ask questions.  You don't wait until the next class or the following week, etc.. 

    2)  the examples in the textbook are the paradigms for the particular problems in the chapter.  Work through the examples.

    3)  as you work through the examples ask yourself: what knowledge is assumed.  Example algebraic fractions- it is assumed that the student knows how to find common denominators

    4)  in math try to understand the method.  Example equation solving is done using the same method.  The only thing that changes is the number.

    5)  solve the problems aloud.  

    Exam preparation

    1)  do a weekly review of the material taught during the week.  Anything that is a bit "fuzzy" ask the teacher

    2)  the material to be studied can be divided into 3 sections: easy-peasy, fuzzy-wuzzy, and Martian.

    3) when studying spend the least amount of time on the easy-peasy.  You already know the material,  Spend most of the time on the fuzzy-wuzzy.  You have some understanding and over time fuzzy-wuzzy becomes eay-peasy.  Spend the least amount of time on the Martian. You haven't a clue about the material.  Spending too much time on the Martian results in easy-peasy moving to the fuzzy-wuzzy category.

    Exam itself.

    1) read the entire exam before doing anything.

    2)  mark value indicates difficulty of question or steps required in the solution

    3)  answer the easy-peasy questions first

    4)  spend most of the time on the fuzzy-wuzzy questions.  Show complete solutions as marks are generally awarded for the work done.  This means your answer may be incorrect but you pick up marks for the solution

    5)  leave the Martian questions to the end.  It's far better to lose 5 marks on an unanswered question than throw away 10 because you didn't have time to answer  easier questions

    6)  Number your answers.  If you change your mind about a solution CROSS it out because if more than one solution is given the first one not crossed out will be the one to be marked.

    7)  for each question you answer leave lots of room (between questions) in your exam book.  This gives you the space to make changes in your answers. For questions requiring more than one step write on every second line. 

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