What is the best option for trailer (RV) wifi?

I currently use a hotspot on tmobile which has 2gb of lte data and unlimited "3g" (Tmobile calls non lte 4g, 3g for some reason) in my new travel trailer. Ive been on 2 trips with my trailer and both times the signal was not that great, 1 time was good enough for hulu most of the time and the 2nd trip rarely worked, and couldn't even be used for texting or phone calls. I would also prefer to keep my new trailer nice looking on the inside and a hotspot isn't helping with that. I have been looking at Winegard's air 360+ and gateway, or their connect 2.0 to solve these issues, I am wondering if anyone else has used them with tmobile. A Winegard rep said it would work with tmobile but with limited bands, though tmobile's main bands are supported anyway. I am on a limited budget of $400 at most for all of this, so please tell me if there is anything that is better for less money too! 

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