Why does my boss continue to work for his boss when he's so afraid of him?

My boss is so terrified of his boss. He is such a yes man whenever his boss wants our department to do something and they always go to lunch together and leave together because that's what his boss wants and he doesn't have any backbone to say no. And also when his boss demands something unreasonable from our department, my boss gets jumpy and starts yelling at all of us to get it done because he's afraid that we won't meet his boss's unreasonable expectation. And here's the funny thing, he's been working for my boss for over 15 years and they came from the same company. I don't understand why my boss tags along with him if he's so afraid of him. It's making the rest of us miserable because we can't work the way we feel is right nor can we bring new ideas to the table. It's basically what his boss says and no one else has any say.

Why does my boss continue to work for this guy if he's so terrified of him?

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    What business is it of yours?

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  • 1 month ago

    My goodness. You know so very much about what's going on in everybody's heads.

    If it offends you so desperately that your boss does what his superior wants him to do, you should quit. Why do you continue to work for your boss when you clearly have such a snide opinion of him?

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