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Please help me understand an Amended Unemployment Insurance Award.?

Can someone help me understand an Amended Unemployment Insurance Award (with an estimated amount) and why my estimate on UI online is still showing $0 (due to an initial mistake on my application in late March) and I have no access to certify? Has anyone had this experience? What should I do next? I have tried calling and I can never reach anyone. I have tried everything for the last two months to no vail. I have tried to reopen my claim but the system doesn't allow it. If someone out there works for EDD please help me understand what happens after receiving this notice. Will my debit card arrive? 

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    Your unemployment insurance award is the amount of money in your account that they are going to pay you.  An Amended UIA is the exact same thing but amending the original amount.  Calling it an Amended amount, yet the amount is the same, means they have processed your Amended application, yet they still find that you are not entitled to an award - any unemployment insurance money.  For whatever reason, you were denied the first time and you were again denied the second time.  Are you sure you qualified, because either they believe you do not qualify or your account is empty, due to prior benefits paid to you.  Sorry, but you get nothing.  If you still don't get it, look up the word "Amended".  Learn the meaning.  It might help.

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    Did you sign up online?


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