How do I fix this?

In the process of moving, I was moving my dressor to where I wanted it. But that part at the bottom came apart kind of and so the one drawer wont fit on the parts where you put the wheels because theres too much space for it to reach I keep trying to push it together but it just comes back apart does anyone know how to fix this?


So idk how to explain it but when I first got the dressor the drawers werent level they were slanted because my dad didn't set it up right. They still worked though

 I'm not sure how else  to explain it or if it even effects it but just wanted to throw that in there

Update 2:

The whole dressor was slanted like not straight it curved in the middle I'm not sure how to explain it lol

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  • 1 month ago
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    Take all the drawers out, turn the dresser on its side so you can see what's broken. Replacement wheels are available at hardware stores. If the part of the dresser where the wheels go is broken, you need to fix that. A carpenter can do that. Show us a broader picture of what you're dealing with. Your words do it no justice. Maybe the cabinet can be repaired with wood glue, but be sure before you try, what pieces go where and nothing is missing. After gluing wood together it isn't going to come apart again for adjustment. The picture didn't show any wheel or socket to place any wheel.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Go ask in the Home & Garden repair forum. This is the automotive repair forum. 


    Fail. Choosing the correct category isn't rocket science.

  • Erik
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    1 month ago

    It looks like those two pegs went into the board.  You would think if you just jammed it in there it would stay.  If it won't, try putting some wood glue in there.

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