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Is this something you would say to someone you care about? How much would you care about someone to say this to them?

"Enjoy your gift and have a very happy birthday [my name]!! Hope we can meet soon after this lockdown. Lots of love! From [friend's name] xxx"

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    I think you must be the same person, in several different categories in Y!A, who is always asking us for the ultimate emotional interpretation-in-depth, 'would a person really care about ME?'  for the most common-place and conventional answers in good English that you claim they are sending to you (you must have a lot of acquaintances...)  about something that somebody has written or texted you: Them:  "Have a good day! " You:   "Does that person really like me a whole lot based on the response they gave?"  Them: "I hope you are successful in your endeavors."  "Does that person really mean that or enjoy me as a human being to say that?"  Them: "Have a good birthday."  You: "Does that person really mean that, what they said, and would someone who is really 'a friend' answer 'happy birthday' that way?". Etc. Etc. [and] Etc. So stop it!  It's pretty tiring. ..  Either you are most insecure human being on earth, or the most annoying to all of us, or both, to just keep asking such things.... Enough, in other words...  Glad I don't know you personally, after all these answers, based on what we have seen ... 

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