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Blood in my ear?

My left ear has been acting weird for 4 weeks now. It started with it being clogged. I had a cold when it started that. It hurt for a week or two. I thought it would go away with the cold. My cold went away a week or two ago, but my ear is still weird. I can still hear out of it. It just feels full. When I swallow it feels like there’s bubbles in it. It also makes a weird sound when I swallow. I have tinnitus aswell. Last night I got tired of it and put sesame oil in it. When I woke up this morning it still felt the same. I decide to put put my finger in it to see if there was wax. I didn’t even put my finger in deep, and when I took my finger out there was a small amount of blood on my finger. It’s less than a drop of blood. I then put a q tip but there was no blood, just small amount of ear wax. Now it even feels more clogged than it was before and it hurts a little. There’s a lot of brown stains on my pillow. I’m now freaking out thinking it’s blood or is it ear wax. Would it come out that fast and there’s a lot of it on my pillow. Did the oil rupture it or am I going deaf? I googled it and googled saying it’s cancer. I will try to go see a doctor tomorrow or should I go to er right now ?

Pls help I’m freaking out. I also feel a little feverish.

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    It sounds most like an earwax plug. It could have been dislodged to your eardrum when you blew your nose really hard during the Cold.

    Or it's an ear infection related to your Cold. The ear nose and throat are all connected so the Cold infection could have moved into the ear. 

    A Dr. has to put his ear instrument in your ear and look.

    Nothing about it sounds like Cancer.  

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    It might be a ear infection. I experienced something very similar to what you just described this past January and it lasted about five weeks until everything went back to normal. The thing is I didn’t see a doctor or anything I basically waited through it. It started as sharp pain in only my left ear and after that I couldn’t hear that well from my left ear, it always felt clogged I tried home remedies nothing really helped but as the weeks went by it slowly faded away and now I’m back to normal.

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