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Anyone wish they were never born in a dysfunctional and overly negative family. ?

Not sure if it's an African American thing or a African American male thing but, the family is extremely negative and overly critical. I am not sure the kids got it from their dad but, they seem to love to stay in a state of fear and panic. The seem to love being fearful over everything and talk about how much they were abused in the past and ”my life could of been so much better if this hadn't happened to me or that.” say thing over and over. They are all like robots and monotone like. Talk robotic voices and always so dang depressing. ITS LIKE LIGHTEN UP BRO!!!!!! I noticed it's the males in the family doing this. I don't understand why they can just be happy. 

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    2 months ago

    You turn 18 you need to move.

    Get a job and stay away.

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  • 2 months ago

    In order to be happy you have to be in an environment that displays happiness.

    You have to watch and listen to things that make you happy.

    It is so easy to see the negative. Let's face it we tend to be judgmental, well I do anyway, so the challenge is to surround yourself with people that want the positive in life. Refuse to be around negativity.

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