How can I encourage a damson type tree to bear fruit?

I have three of these trees, non of them producing fruit except one that has about fruit forming. Lots of foliage this year. N Ireland in a walled garden.

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    Bees are supposed to do that when they go from one tree to another, spreading pollen as they collect it. In the absence of bees, one way is get a small, soft artist's brush and tickle the inside of flowers on different trees, to cross-pollenate them. 

    Also check the buds to make sure there are no greenfly or tiny caterpillars eating them. 

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  • Damsons are usually self-fertile. You may have one damson and two "male" plum trees.  If they are recently planted, you usually have to wait around 3 years before you get any fruit from damsons or any type of plum tree.  If these are old trees that have fruited before, prune the fruitless trees hard (now is the best time to do it).

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