Who is your favourite Marvel Superhero?


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  • James
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    4 months ago
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    Thor. I like that the fact he's a Norse God. It adds a certain fantastical realism to his character, even though that sounds like a contradiction.

    And the movies are like Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings.

    Having some familiarity with actual Norse mythology, I liked the fact that the Thor movies (the first one especially and to some extent the third one) were surprisingly consistent with actual Norse mythology. I enjoyed seeing their interpretation of the frost giants, the rainbow bridge, the realms, and of course the characters.

  • Why'd you thumb down Guardian?... Elektra is Marvel. She's an anti-hero.


    I don't have a favorite. I have 3. When there is rage in my heart, I relate to Hulk, that's why I like him. Spiderman because web slinging looks fun. And Ironman because I want that super suit.

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    I don't like Marvel nor its superheroes.

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  • God
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    4 months ago

    Donald Trump   .

  • Anonymous
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