What is the roman number for the Ab7 in this example. ?

I'm analyzing a group of chords. Key of FM. They are as follow...F7, E-7, B7, Bb7, Ab7, G+7 or I, vii°, V/vii°, IV, X?, G+7. What is Ab7?


I àlso think this might be an Amin piece, because there is no key signature, BUT it ends on an FM7 chord.

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  • 1 month ago

    If you're in the key of FM, that chord would be written Ab7 because it could be a borrowed chord. A is the III of FM. You wrote it Ab7 which is a major chord. Ab is also the minor 3rd of FM. In order for it be a minor chord you would spell it Ab Cb Eb. There is no roman numeral for that chord in FM. In Fm it would be the iii chord.

    • Mamianka
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      But as Ab7, it is V/bVI     V of Db.  Wish I could see if hear this - all OOP. Hope OP can scan/post a copy.

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  • 1 month ago

    I am a theory teacher.  What you have written is unclear. I assume this is NOT a progression (yikes . . ) but just a list of chords, that you must justify in f minor. In very general terms, an Ab major chord would be a  form of the III chord in f - but the Ab7 would imply a dominant seventh of Db - which is the VI chord in f. 

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    • Linda1 month agoReport

      Thanks for all your help. Can't figure out how to scan/send, etc. I'm going to move on. So appreciate your thoughts on this. I'm going to chalk this up to a passing chord and call it a day🤣.

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