IS God the reason people starve?

So Netflix has over 151.56 million subscribers paying monthly from 7.99-15.99.

That is approx. $11,985,000.00 a month. to watch tv.

So...I ask this a God problem...or a Human thing.

Surely...No one should be starving...and No one should be asking God why people are starving...

Because People have better things to watch Netflix.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago
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    No, godless capitalism is also known as neoliberalism, neoliberalism makes me say ew gross

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  • Davros
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    9 months ago

    As an atheist I have no belief in God(s). Any problems we humans have are either the result of challenges in nature, or challenges we've brought on ourselves through our own stupidity, greed and callousness. There's no divine figleaf for us to hide our moral inaction behind.

    Sure, the cost of a subscription service could go a long way to helping those in need. For myself I donate a fair bit more to charity each month than that, although I'd hardly regard myself as generous, I just see it as doing my small, and likely insufficient part. I, like most people look at the complexity of the world and all its problems, defeatedly sigh and decide it's just too big to save. People prefer to help those they can see and hear, rather than a set of statistical points on some distant chart.

    In reality there's a self-interested streak to much of charity giving. People prefer to see returns on their investments so to speak. If they give to a charity to help starving people, they expect them to be fed. If they give to a homeless charity,t hey expect people to be homed. If they give to a rehabilitation charity, they expect people to be reformed. If they give to war refugees, they expect the refugees to stop coming.

    If there are no visible results of their giving, people can quickly question the point of their generosity. This is a major problem when some humanitarian issues are endemic and will never stop needing financial support.


    That's where national aid budgets come in, and I'm pleased to say I come from one of the planet's more generous nations in that respect. Just getting nations to give a tiny percent of their GDP to others in aid is hard work hard work though with constant pressure from the self-interested to stem it's flow.

    Again though, national aid is given with a self-interested streak. They expect countries not only to say thank you, but they expect it to buy a certain degree of loyalty and deference. They also give it knowing that poor and broken societies foster issues on the whole world by generating and exporting criminality, migration waves, extremist politics & religions, revolutionaries, mercenaries and other trouble makers. Stabilising these regions with some bread crusts serves to keep the boat from rocking in their own waters.

    I have no idea what the solution is to the poverty problem. Most realpolitik actions are based around plastering up the bits that are herniating the worst and leaving the rest to fester. I know that society is still polluted with people concerned only with their own prosperity.  I also know that 5000 years of organised religion hasn't solved either poverty or selfishness, despite many of those faiths emphasising charity and generosity.

    So sure , you can say it's not God's fault people die of basic needs, and it's true, but even if he did exist, he/she has hardly done a thing to be proactive about stopping it either. Your argument here is that inaction is just as damnable as causing harm. Well total inaction is God's Modus Operandi too. Perhaps people are selfish because their creator is too?

  • Ralph
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    9 months ago

    The fact of the matter: No: That is because of the stupidly of mankind when we have a surplus of food and people are trying to be greedy an increase prices on food, when you are only making minimum wages, you can't work a minimum wage job live in a house and eat healthy and expect to have money left over, it is not possible, not in today's society.

    Source(s): King James holy bible
  • Can you show your proof for that total? Seems off. If I just take an average of 10 dollars a month for 150 million people, shouldn't that be closer 1.5 billion dollars?

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  • 9 months ago

    I blame marijuana.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Yesterday you all moved to an Amish community.  Before that, you were in a "hate filled" group.  Before that, you were mormon.  When are you going to stop lying and making up these stupid cartoons?  You are the muslim man who calls himself "accepting reality".  We all know it.

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