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How does a server degrade? Isn’t it just software? ?

I’ve heard of a few different online games being taken down through the years and one game in particular (runescape classic) still makes me sad that it’s no longer around. One reason I’ve heard about why it was removed is that their servers were degrading and they were basically just waiting for errors to occur and that would somehow create lawsuits. I’m just wondering, how can software degrade? Can’t they just make copies of it? I don’t think it can change itself without a human changing something.. I also don’t know how that could lead to lawsuits. How do servers degrade, what does that mean? 

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    I'm not a system administrator by trade, so keep that in mind when you read my answer.

    It could be said that servers "degrade" in the sense that they need maintenance, either fixing hardware faults or software faults.  Generally, hardware doesn't "degrade" very quickly, but things can still break over time.  The bottom line is that  servers cost money to maintain.  That money can be in man-hours fixing faults, updating the server (hopefully), in bandwidth costs, license fees, or more. There must be some good reason for the company to keep those running (usually in the form of revenue).  If the game owners no longer want to pay to run the servers, hopefully they open source the server so the community can run it.

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  • 2 months ago

    Hardware certainly degrades over time from not only electrical usage but also by the environment, which is why they are sometimes housed in a better environment to promote longevity. You could say that OS's degrade over time as well in terms of becoming outdated and not handling new technology, where usually upgrading the OS will handle new software, but lack support for older software that was based on older technology. It would be like trying to run a game written for the Windows 95 environment on a Windows 10 environment, it doesn't work.

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