Do you pursue acting as a hobby and what kind of things do you do to fulfill your love for acting?

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  • 1 month ago
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    I retired from professional acting to raise my children, but I've always kept acting as a hobby in several ways:

    - act in local community theater.  I also served on the board for a while, selecting plays and the like and have done some lighting work with them too. 

    - I take an acting classes.  I did that more when we first moved here (larger midwest city), not so much now mainly because there isn't a lot being offered here.  But every now and then something comes up or I feel the need to get creative then I'll sign up for something.

    - I belong to an improv group and we get together (or use to get together) once or twice a month to play some games and a few times a year perform at a charity events

    - for a few years I had a company with some friends and teamed up with a local caterer and would do murder mystery events (with a touch of humor) - the improv came in very helpful then.

    - I've worked with local playwrights to do readings or run-throughs of their work.  I really like doing this - helping a writer in the creative process. A couple of times, the plays went on to get produced locally and I've appeared in them.

    - I continue to read plays and attend performances.  I do analyze and memorize monologues that I use for auditions.  I probably could do more to find places to perform them...

    - I've taught fitness classes.  Not really acting, but you do get to create a persona and have an audience.

    - I've always preferred stage work over screen work, but I do know a group of people that produce their own web series more for their own gratification then looking for some commercial success.  I've done some minor roles in them.  

    - I know a few people who act in student films -- they're on a list of contacts for a local film school and are sometimes contacted by students looking for actors.  It's not something I'v done (like I said, I prefer more stage work).

    Similar to the professional world, I've worked with and met people (aka networked) to find out about opportunities.  And occasionally created my own opportunities like the murder mystery company or writing grants to get money to perform a play I want to do. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I love acting but as a voyeur so I watch porn actors and actresses busy at work.

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