Anyone with asthma read this:?

This isn’t a question. It’s just a PSA for people with asthma. It’s just good to know because some people don’t know this. If u or anyone u know has asthma, please make sure u know this :)!!!

Wine can trigger asthma symptoms and/or trigger an whole asthma attack. It has high levels of histamine. 

I’ve had a few asthma attacks in my life, but the ones that were very life threatening was when I was drinking wine. I try to stay away from it now. So yea just wanted to u to if u didn’t already !!!!

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  • 2 months ago

    My adult daughter has asthma and only had one bad asthma attack but she drinks wine with no problems and she is a nurse but she also has a severe egg allergy which came at same time as asthma first started.

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