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I have been building an upper that I plan to use an an extra, and will eventually be replacing my primary AR upper which is a basic M4 carbine type with a magpul handguard. I’m assembling it piece by piece and I just installed and torqued the barrel on the upper and got the gas tube installed. All that is left is to get a crush washer to put on the muzzle device because I oddly don’t have one sitting around, charging handle, BUIS and a scope. I have decided on what other parts I’m getting and have decided to put a 1-6x24 or 1-8x24 on this one. But I’m not sure what. There seems to be two kinds: The really cheap and the obscenely expensive. Any recommendations? My budget is $500. I can push it to $600.

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  • 2 months ago
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    For budget 1-6x/8x scopes I would suggest Vortex Strikeagle (here is a good deal)

    or Primary Arms:

    In your price range you can get a higher quality 1-6x rather than lower quality with increased magnification range (you don't get something for nothing).  Going 1-8x in a 30mm scope with a 24mm objective usually results in an non-optimum image in the higher zoom range that has a small "eye box".

    Higher prices in scopes in general get you things like clearer glass, better turrets, front focal plane reticle, larger diameter tube/objective, more rugged construction, better quality control, and further from China manufacture.

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  • Matt
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    2 months ago

    For non magnified optics (red dots), Holosun red dots, Eotech holographic sights, or Aimpoint red dots. if you want a LPVO, Leupold, Vortex or Tijicon. I don't know what you plan on using this rifle for and that's the real dictator of what optic you want to use.

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  • 2 months ago

    Wow, lots of information that is not very useful.  What you should have told us was how long the new barrel was, what your plans for this new rifle combination is, and what caliber.  Yeah, caliber is important since there are so many for the AR platform.

    There is a big difference between a 'Home Defense' AR and one you intent to take hunting and drag around in the rain.  The better optics are needed outdoors and for heavier use - where as cheaper are fine for a pampered indoor AR.

    Me, for the home gun - I went with quad rails (I hate these, they cut my hand up but offer good grip)  I put a nicer scope on top to get better distance and a cheap reflex sight on the left side for close in use.  I went with the inexpensive Tru-Glow but lots of folks are making the small reflex around $60.  I have killed one - the newer ones seem to hold up better.

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  • 2 months ago

    I tried a monstrum 1-8x24 and while it worked it was way to big and heavy for a backpacking rifle. I finally settled on a NcStar 1-6x24. I threw it on a spare qd  cantilever mount and haven't looked back. 

    If I had it to do again I'd probably save and get a burris rt-6, but at $120 shipped for a rifle that wasn't sub moa to begin with it works.

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