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Is a PlayStation 4 still worth buying when the PlayStation 5 is about to come out?

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    1 month ago

    Depends on how deep your pockets are. The PS5 will be between $500-650 when it comes out.

    At least you might be able to score a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal on a PS4.

    When the new consoles come out, games will be made for both platforms and it will take some time for developers to begin making games that truly look great on the PS5.

    As with any console, it will be outdated in comparison to PC hardware when it comes out. Rumors indicate the SSD in the consoles will use what journalist call a "multi channel" NVMe drive, but the Samsung 980 Pro is coming out about the same time as the consoles and it will be capable of 6000MB/s read speeds. On top of that, AMD is coming out with Zen 3 and Navi 2 which are the successors to the hardware used in the new consoles. Then Nvidia is releasing Ampere. In the end the PS5 might have the GPU and CPU processing power of a budget gaming rig which is pretty much the norm for a newly released or refreshed console.

    The PS5 and Xbox One X might have some new features but they are really just refreshed versions of the previous console generation with updated hardware since they're all using x86-64 processors. 

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  • 1 month ago

    If it's worth it to you, then it's worth it.

    If you are planning on paying the cost of a PS5, then it may be better to wait.  If you aren't, then you may as well get a PS4 since it's cheaper and has a large existing library to choose from.

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