Tall dresser (tallboy) ?

In a usual dresser set a long chest dresser and a tall dresser( tallboy). My fiance and I want a set with those two dressers. How exactly does that work with who's clothes go in what dresser. Do the couple share the long one and share the tall one...or does someone get one and the other person gets the other?? I know I can do what I want but just curious on the purpose  both share? 

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    2 months ago

    It really is up to you what you decide. Back in the day your (literal) dresser would decide where everything would go and you wouldn't be poking about in the drawers. You would have his and hers separately, but then they may well be in different rooms.

    I believe the most usual arrangement is one half each in the low one and the top half and bottom half of the tall boy to whoever can reach, allowing that you may also be using it for bed linen.

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