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Console or Windows gpu upgrade ?

Hi, what do you suggest for my situation, I do have an old Alienware laptop (16gb-ddr3 i7 900pdisplay)  which supports external gpu upgrade, I'm mostly home, never owned a console before and I like to experience online gaming too .

The thing is if I want to upgrade and buy external gpu it can be up to 2-3 times the cost of an Xbox one x ,but I may end up getting fewer fps (high end card are super expensive for me)

+ps. Home tv is a hd lcd ( so I can't do 4k or fhd gaming on it)

What do you suggest?

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    2 months ago

    I kinda think trying an external GPU is a losing proposition. Thunderbolt has gone through a few different reversions which has increased bandwidth speeds of the said port. You'd have to make sure you have the correct version of TB.

    Since you have an older DDR3 based laptop, you likely have an older TB reversion and who knows which i7 CPU you have in your laptop. 

    Gaming laptops have an i7 which has a lower clock-speed in comparison to what's in a desktop. As it stands, a desktop version of the Core i7, such as the i7-3770k, isn't a good match with a high end Graphics card like the RTX 2080 Super, and the 3770k is not a real good match with the RTX 2070 Super either but it's doable. These RTX cards aren't cheap, no matter where you go. 

    The RTX 2080 Super is hardly worth buying because it's only 13% faster than the RTX 2070 Super. Something like the GTX 1660 series is a great Graphics card for 1080p resolutions.

    Getting a console would prove to be a safer bet, for sure. 

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  • 2 months ago

    You should read on forums for Alienware users exactly what they have experienced with eGPU installations and games you might want.  Might not be all that you could need or get from going to an Xbox.

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  • 2 months ago

    Sounds like you already know the answer, but it depends on the specifics of that laptop (which generation of Core i7?). Generally speaking, external GPUs are a niche, clunky configuration, and they are going to be somewhat limited due to external connection speeds and overhead, making the GPU perform slower than it otherwise would when installed in a desktop system. Combined with the extra adapter cost, performance penalty, and potential compatibility issues (does your laptop really support ThunderBolt? Given the 900p display, I'd wager that's an older i7, and will not have the ThunderBolt connector required for external GPU), that is a really steep premium to pay, so it's really only suited for mobile gaming enthusiasts as a supplement to their existing hardware.

    For your purposes, I'd go for the console for the lower price and seamless experience. If you really want PC games, it would be better and more cost effective to build a mid-range desktop computer than trying to Frankenstein a laptop. 

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