Will I receive my order before shipping updates ?

I ordered some things from wish April 24th & updates seem to take a long time . Here is shipping info of latest update :

Item #1 . May 8, 2020

Depart from Departure Transit Hub, TWN


Item #2 . May 1, 2020

Departed from customs of destination country, US,USA

Someone told me it's possible I can get them before it updated again


Thy haven't updated & it's been 15 days for item #1 & 22 days for item #2

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    It's possible. I got an item I ordered that was shipped on April 2 after 24 days and there were no updates on tracking after the initial one. That one was just going from Houston to Denver. International tracking is even more likely to spotty.

    • Adam2 months agoReport

      Spotty ?

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