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Alone on A desert island?

There is a program on British Radio which has been broadcast for decades called Desert Island Discs'

A celebrity is invited to the studio to select 10 pieces of music he/she would take with him/her if he/she was stranded alone on a desert island.

The celebrity then also selects one book and one luxury item to take with them.

What book and luxury item.would you take and why?

In my case the book I take would be the 'Diary of Anne Frank'.

The reason for this is that when I read it I could remember that there are many others who have been in worse situations than I find myself in.

My luxury item would be the ORIGINAL 'Mona Lisa' (Le Gioconda) painted by Da Vinci.

My thinking behind this selection is that it is doubtful anyone would bother trying to find and rescue me but sure as heck the world would want to find and return the Mona Lisa to the Louvre Museum, Paris.

When they found the painting they would find me and I live in hope they would take both me and the painting back and not simply leave me alone on the island.

Please be as funny as you like but also please be sensible.

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    My Book would be The Complete Works Of Shakespeare and my luxury item would be my guitar. 

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      Great choices. It would take sometime to read the whole of Shakespeare which would kill a lot of time while waiting for the ship that is going to rescue you appearing over the horizon

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Freedom of speech ≠ freedom from criticism.

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