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Why do people that support spanking use disrespectful people to defend spanking?

When ever I hear like teens are disrespectful because they weren't spanked or something like that it is like you don't know their upbringing. Like really when it's a video on YouTube or something there's going to be that one person. And really it's disrespectful like even as someone who was spanked as a child it is like you don't know their upbringing so like don't assume they weren't spanked unless you know. I know people who were spanked and they can grow up to be pretty inappropriate at times actually and I know people who weren't spanked and they are really mature and respectful.

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    Kids and teenagers, of the current generation, lack discipline and it shows in their collective behavior. I think that the belt and Bible should be brought back into use for this generation. I think that the occasional butt whipping does everyone a bit of good. There should be repercussions for bad behavior and the belt is perfect for this  

  • edward
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    Because not everyone works in a hospital where you can see kids who are physically abusing the parents who used time out and ignored the hitting. You need to make the kids respect you. Fear is the eaiser method since many kids don’t respect anybody

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    2 months ago

    Spanking works for about 25% of hos kinda

    bad-kid's out there that simply won't lsn on heir

    wn rm's however it shouldn't be used as a 1s

    method °¡°


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