Places to visit in New York?

When I turn 21 I would like to visit New York (in a year and a half), hoping that in the meantime the virus emergency has passed, otherwise I will postpone.

Anyway, can you tell me which are the most beautiful places to visit? What are the most beautiful parks in the city? Are there any particular bars or cafés? Karaoke bar? Are there chalets or similar in mountain areas?

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  • 2 months ago
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    I will leave the city portion for now - but less than 2 hours north, in New Paltz, is Mohonk Mountain House. This is a huge Victorian era resort, completely modernized, and stunning in accommodations and services. Includes meals! Often used for movie shoots. My classical music groups have performed there often.

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    • Scarlett2 months agoReport

      I know there are online guides but I also know that those who live there know a lot more than what they find online. On the sites not everything is said, people know every place even the smallest ones.

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