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Why is pubic hair Illegal in tentacle porn? 😊?

It's just hair for crying out loud! I could see for exposed genitalia, but pubic hair? Really? Pubic hair should be legal. And wouldn't it be better and more pleasurable for the octopus and the female to rub it's suckers and penetrate her genitals with a bush vs. no hair? 😊

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    There is no "legal" or "illegal" when it comes to drawn artwork such as comics.  It's a matter of what the artist likes and what their audience likes.  If more of their viewing audience started saying they want to see pubic hair in the pictures, the artists would start doing it.  But the current societal trend is towards preferring little to no pubic hair, and that preference is reflected in comics like that.  If you want to see hair then commission an artist to draw you a picture or comic with as much pubic hair as you like.

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