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Is Modern Warfare really that bad? ?

MW has been so unenjoyable for the last couple months that it’s honestly made me contemplate just quitting COD for good. This years cod game has been by far the worst multiplayer experience I’ve ever had playing a cod game and I’ve been playing since COD2. They somehow designed every single map to cater to the camp play style that basically whichever team campers harder 99% of the time wins because they made it so damn hard to counter them. If this game didn’t have warzone, I would honestly put this somewhere in the top 3 worst cod’s of all time post COD4. BR’s are saving cod from being a dead franchise but if cod 2020 is anything like MW I hope the compnay goes under. They don’t deserve to make games anymore. It’s embarrassing what they’re doing to this title that used to have so much hype. 

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