Can anyone decipher this ekg for me? ?

I got an ekg yesterday and the doctors said everything was normal but on the ekg it says abnormal. How did the doctor come to this conclusion? 

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  • 2 months ago
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    The doctor came to the conclusion by being a trained Cardiologist, rather than a machine.

    That statement is a preliminary indication of what the software thinks the doctor should look at.  It is NOT a diagnosis.

    Most software like that says there's something "abnormal" even when there isn't.

    But to tell you what part of it is flagging as "abnormal" : In adult males, the T-Axis is normally within 60 degrees of the standard 45.  That software appears to be saying yours deviates by 67 degrees.

    The reason your doctor probably said it's normal is because also deviate from the standard, and in the same direction.  Which would mean that rather than having actual electrical malfunctions, your entire heart is physically sitting at a different angle.

    This can be caused by your weight being high or low.  For overweight people - particularly those with a lot of belly fat, the extra mass pushes up on the bottom of the heart, making it lie more horizontal than normal.  For underweight people, the reverse is true.  Their hearts tend to hang more vertically.  This will show up in the axis angles calculated on that report.

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