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Why do so many people have food allergies?

my parents were born in the 60s, and there weren't that many food allergies so why are people allergic to all these food items? I've always made fun of people who have peanut allergies because that's an allergy that can easily be prevented, it's a matter of how early in life you feed your baby peanut butter. Ideally you're supposed to feed a baby peanut butter when they're only a few months old. Gluten allergies are the funniest allergies because how are you allergic to gluten lol?

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    1 month ago

    I didn't have any allergies until about a decade ago.

    I had an infection.  A dr prescribed an antibiotic. After the prescription ran out I still had some discomfort and went back to the dr.  He gave me more antibiotics. 

    I started not feeling well and had a growing ringing in my ears.  Another dr had me tested for allergies. I was overwhelmed to learn I had so many food allergies.   At least 2 dozen foods.

    A friend of mine told me about an interview with a dr who said, Big Pharmy does not regulate antibiotics well enough, and it's causing all kinds of problems, including food allergies!

    I have no way to prove it was the dr's fault, but he ruined my life.  I can no longer go to restaurants, because there's so little I can eat, movies, because they are too loud. I can't date.  I've forced to live like a hermit.  Not long ago I looked up that no-good dr's website and saw a harsh complaint review from another patient.  I hope that SOB loses his practice or ends up in prison.

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    2 months ago

    The wonderful world of GMOs

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  • 2 months ago

    Its nothing to do with how early you feed a baby peanut butter or food with gluten it is a reaction in the body that can happen at any age. My daughter was 20 when she developed a severe egg allergy and both her kids were born with the egg allergy and obviously never ate eggs before. -  An allergy is when your antibodies react against something, for example last year when you were in bed with the flu and mum gave you peanut butter sandwich or any other food and because you were unwell your antibodies think the food is a germ and then your flu got beer and as time went by you were unwell one day and your antibodies were low and you ate this peanut butter again and body would think it was that germ and try to invade it causing the allergy.   4 of my cousins were over 40 years old when they developed the gluten allergy.

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