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Baby Shower For Twins?

What kind of food will be good for a baby shower?

Which hotel got good prices a party room with a cabinets, clock, tables, chair, projector and projection screen

What kind of drinks 


Can we watch a movie on the projector too

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    Most hotels have a menu for you to pick from for both food and drinks, they don't allow you to bring in your own food regardless of the event type.

    Most baby showers I've been to have been light lunch or finger foods with cake for dessert.  Sandwiches, soups, vegetable trays, salads etc..  I've been to a few who had hot lunches to choose from and some that had stuff like taco bars and pizza.

    Why do you need a cabinet?   

    Most modern hotels who have rooms to rent for events/conferences also have projection systems but you'd need to use your own laptop with it.

    The last baby shower I hosted, I rented a small hall where I could bring in anything I wanted (within reason) and for food I had it catered from a local mexican place.  Then I had a couple other options of food for people that might not like mexican food.

    Most showers I have hosted (baby or otherwise) have been in my home.  

    Edit - projectors can do movies but what is the purpose of this?   How many showers have you hosted or been to?  Your guests aren't going to be interested in watching movies, they're going to get bored with it.   Making a slide show is fine but after that you'll lose your audience and honestly people will get bored with that too.

    Your basic shower is having lunch, ooh and ahh over baby gifts, have cake and then go home.  It's a couple hours max, not an all day event.  You may or may not have games and prizes for guests.  Guests also get bored with the games, I just do drawings.

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  • 2 months ago

    Obviously it depends where you live but here in UK all hotels and pubs are closed due to the lockdown and I live in Scotland and can only advise you about that and most hotels will give what you want but who would want to watch a movie at a baby shower.

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