1999 Acura TL Bose Stereo switch out to after market single din stereo. But after completing, everything is fine but no sound.?

After removing the small equalizer plug from the Bose, do any of those connections get connected to the new After market player as there is no mention of those in the wiring instructions on the new player? Problem is that everything works fine after connecting the power and speaker wires from the Bose to the new player but all the wires are accounted for but the small equalizer plug is just sitting there connehttps://apis.mail.yahoo.com/ws/v3/mailboxes/@.id==... to . Why no sound? Here is the back of the Bose player showing the plg connections.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You might need a preamp or an interface to connect the equalizer plug for the speakers to work.  Bose have a system of their own.  Or spend some money and get the pros to work on your stereo.  Good luck.

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