Is it ethical to click on Google Ads of competitors?

Typical ad click in my area for my industry costs about $4-5. I check every day to see where I place because Google will say a $4.00 is not showing at all, let alone not on the 1st page. It is never true. While it says I have to bid $5.00 to show on the first page, sometimes those keywords actually show up on top of the first page for $3.50. Big surprise, Google lies.

If you are a new advertisers, I'm going to click your ad to see what you offer. If you are a regular competitor, I check you every other week. My partner lives about 8 miles away, different zip code. He checks too. I will even sign out and reboot my router to change my IP address. I make it a point to check on the rad as well. Most important is my ad rank. I'm not concerned that I cost most competitors $8-10-12 per month of me snooping. I get snooped too. I am good at blocking IPs however, so many probably know far less about me than I do about them.

Is it fair to cost them a few dollars? There is one or two sickos who used to hit me for $10+ per day. I would block IPs and retaliate. Then the abuse would stop. Its not like I hit you multiple times a day. Has happened to me. I used to bleed $500 per month in wasted ad spend. Now it is more like $50, which I have no problem with.

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  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    i dont see why not

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