Movies Section: Who would you want to cast in Live-Action Disney's Pocahontas (if they make the movie)?

I would cast:

Pocahontas: Shay Mitchell

John Smith: Daniel Ratcliffe

Governor Ratcliffe: Vincent D'Onofrio

Wiggins: DJ Qualls

Thomas: Dacre Montgomery

Powhatan: Graham Greene

Nakoma: Amber Midthunder

Kocoum: Booboo Stewart

Kekata: Wes Studi

Grandmother Willow: Whoopi Goldberg (Voice)

Ben: Josh Peck

Lon: Jonah Hill

Frank Welker would do the voices of the Animals (Meeko, Percy, and Flit)

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  • 6 months ago
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    First off, I wouldn't want them to remake Pocahontas at all unless they were willing to make it more historically accurate. But if they were to make it, here is who I'd cast.

    Pocahontas: Amber Midthunder

    John Smith: Chris Hemsworth

    Governor Ratcliffe: David Harbour

    Wiggins: John Oliver

    Thomas: Chandler riggs

    Powhatan: Wes Studi

    Nakoma: Marisa Quintanilla

    Kocoum: Samuel Marty

    Kekata: Zahn McClarnon

    Grandmother Willow: Tantoo Cardinal

    Ben: Dan Stevens

    Lon: James Corden

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