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Why didn’t Trump lock the country down in January to prevent deaths?

CNN)If the United States had started social distancing just a week earlier, it could have prevented the loss of at least 36,000 lives to the coronavirus, according to new research.

As of Thursday, the outbreak's death toll across the country has risen to 93,439. At least 1,551,853 cases of the disease have been recorded, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

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  • 15 hours ago

    They don't know the government work even what's gonna happen because all of this virus was created and be named by human you should ask who name the virus since 2000 years ago anti Christ has come since Moses you don't know that all of you was born in Christ you don't know? The Queen? Alexander the great? What year English has been created before Adam or after Adam ? Languages? We don't even know what's the first language human die because human it's self I love Christ and I wanted Christ to claim back his life from the Jews it's ******* hilarious you be Good with Jews because they have kill your prophet. That's it my name is Muhammad Shazail Ayman.

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    • Uncle Buba2 hours agoReport

      Well let's see He was right in the middle of his  Impeachment hearings. He got called all kind of names because Americans said he was just trying to spread false fear. Why don't you tell why several New York leaders said go ahead and have big parties take the subway sick people go to nursing homes.

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  • 23 hours ago

    Because nobody knew about the seriousness of the virus back then and most epidemics/pandemics are not worth demolishing the economy over. If we shut down life every time we see a new virus/disease, humanity will end. 

    Source(s): Not CNN
    • Illuminati22 hours agoReport


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  • Anonymous
    1 day ago

    Why would people rather live in fear and lock themselves up? Rather than just trying to go outside and live? Fresh air and sunshine and exercise are extremely good for your immune system. Constantly focusing on the negative and worrying about every possibility that hasn’t even occurred yet is a sure way to weaken your immune system. And if mistakes were made, it’s too late. You have to look forward to some degree don’t you?If you constantly think in terms of gloom and doom it’s definitely going to weaken your immune system.Then you’re not going to be resistant to anything.

    • sirjester099
      Lv 6
      3 hours agoReport

      The immune system BS is just that! Most houses have just as many germs as the outside air does! Your being at home isn't going to reduce your immune system response you dolt!

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  • 2 days ago

    I'm not stating this is good or bad, but I think it was to try to save the economy. Improving the economy was one of his main focuses, and I believe February had the lowest unemployment rate in years. Going into lockdown would have hindered it. Even WHO said they didn't want to declare an official pandemic because of the economic distress it would cause. Once again, I'm not saying it's right or wrong I just think this is why. Everyone in the comments calm down. Your Yahoo Answers comments are going to fix anything. No need to attack the writer or each other. 

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    • Dale-E
      Lv 7
      15 hours agoReport

      When the economy shrinks, so does health care. It is included.

      People need to start taking responsibility for their own social health safety. It is your body, not the governments, Yet.

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  • 2 days ago

    You are an idiot. Turn off the News. 

    First. Trump started prohibiting travel from China end of January.

    Early feb, Trump called racist by every democrat for doing so. Pelosi called for parties in China Town mid Feb. 

    2nd. China told the world publicly this novel corona virus was like a bad cold. China told US Government This novel Corona (Covid19) was like a bad Flu, hence why Trump Compared it to the Flu.  

    3rd. Early Feb, WTO told the world the EXACT SAME THING as China. 

    4th. Mid February, US had VERY FEW Cases to study, and most were very mild. China still refusing US CDC inside China to verify Chinese information. 

    5th. March comes around and people start dying. Taiwan Emails WTO of EXACTLY how its Transmitted, severity, who was at high Risk and Symtoms previously not known. WHO Deletes

    Email at China’s Request and says nothing. US CDC Calls Taiwan directly and confirms that information exchange with South Korea’s observations. Banning travel from countries with confirmed cases begins. 

    See the pattern. NO ONE knows severity of Covid till end or April for the most part because China kept the world in the dark. WHO REFUSED to say anything unkind towards China. 

    Then the rewriting of history begins. 

    Media in concert with the Democrats public statements begin to howl about not doing something soon enough. They start saying things like “Trump should have known” blah blah .

    This kind of rewriting of history CAN ONLY WORK with a large enough population of ******* morons. Sorry to say, morons that ask STUPID ******* QUESTIONS like this one. Idiots don’t know how to find relevant world events and place them into their proper context. IDIOTS watch news and form an opinion on what they hear them say. That’s IF the moron doesn’t just plagiarize the opinion they hear on CNN, FNC, Democrat Twitter Feed blah blah. 

    FIND ALL THE WORLD EVENTS. “Who said what and when” place them in order and you will see a story of the chain of events. Then you can make a proper conclusion. 

    MEDIA OPINION WRITERS don’t even do that. They do what morons do like the author of this question. They just print what they believe to be True (as long as the story is targeted at Trump) the people, like the author of this story, will ask stupid questions who premise is EXACTLY like that of media. 

    • Jeff M
      Lv 7
      1 hour agoReport

      China did not tell the world that the coronovirus was like a bad cold. Trump pulled the health minister inside China out. January 20: China confirms human-to-human transmission and January 23 placed 11 million people under quarantine. Your post is full of lies.

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  • Anonymous
    2 days ago

    because it is a hoax like 911 was!!

  • Ann
    Lv 6
    2 days ago

    He did. He closed it to the Chinese on January 31, two DAYS after the Chinese admitted there was a problem. You libs called him a racist, remember? and encouraged people to party in Chinatown. As for these lockdowns, it's the governors who do that, remember? Not the feds. 

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    • Perry2 days agoReport

      and the only people that came from china after the ban was americans were you gonna pay for them to stay and get sick there 

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  • 2 days ago

    Because its not reasonable.. everything has its pros and cons.. and this is a very subjective matter, everybody has different reasonability..

    Moreover, in this one eyed system when u become president no one challenge you.. Even if you want manufactures to install backdoors in their phones (Apple)

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  • 4 days ago

    Because Democrats. scientists & doctors told him that's what he should do.

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    • gibbsmb
      Lv 5
      23 hours agoReport

      OK there ros.. You are indeed correct about constitutional guarantee.  However, depending on what that means to you, I don't see anybody stopping that right.. Peaceful protests against lockdown have not & will not be stopped, no matter how misguided they might be.

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  • 4 days ago

    a) these are the same "models" that predicted Chicago and Los Angeles were "just two weeks away" from NYC-level numbers every week between mid-March to the end of April

    b) if Trump had suggested a lockdown January... a month before the first U.S. reported death.... how do you think his political opponents and their fans would have reacted?'s a hint, Pelosi and DeBlasio were urging their cities to "go out, live life and don't be afraid" at the SAME TIME Trump was supposedly "wasting time".... and even as NYC death tolls matched those of whole countries, their citizens still treated the arrival of a naval hospital ship as an excuse to hold a street fair...

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