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Question about permanently deleting image cache?

I was using my Twitter app one day on the phone then all of a sudden, a tweet popped up with an image that is completely inappropriate and abusive. It was a horror experience. Not quite sure how it happened because I quickly turned away from it.

I am very very very obsessive to what comes in to my phone. For a long time I've always been interested and fascinated in the concept of image cache/junk files, plus the fact that just because you've deleted a file doesn't mean it's permanently deleted from your phone.I don't want this image to be associated with my phone and I don't want to remind myself of that horror experience. :(My question is, does clearing image cache/junk files enough? Are these junk files permanently deleted and irrecoverable from your storage when you clear them? If not, is filling up the empty space with data (movies) enough? Thank you so much!

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    2 months ago

    I don't wanna waste my time again

    By getting wasted with so-called friends

    'Cause they don't know me

    But they pretend to be part of my social scenery

    And hey maybe I'm a critic, a cynic

    Or am I jaded? or am I afraid of it?

    'Cause it's draggin' me down

    It's bummin' me out

    It's makin' my head spin round and round

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