If I try to book a trip now for Dec will I still get to cancel it if can't go?!?

It's my 50th and want to do something..yet it's so close to new years and christmas....any suggestions wanna do a tropical theme..been to Hawaii 5x want to do something else w 2 of my friends here..say under 800.00 per person doesn't have to have food or drinks though it would be nice and possibly a resort?! 

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  • 1 month ago

    You should check way in advance with your travel agent or whomever you book reservations with,hotel, plane, etc. Chances are you may have difficulty, due to the pandemic. Last I heard, anyone arriving in Hawaii had to undergo a two week quarantine before being released on their own ! And guess who would have to pay for that?  You have been to Hawaii enough to already know that air fare could eat up your eight hundred bucks, alone. Hawaii isn't cheap, unless you really plan to go poor. There are times when the prices are lowest, check them out, I'm speaking of air fare primarily. One is before Xmas, for example. Good luck, 

  • 2 months ago

    When you buy a ticket, be CERTAIN that you buy a refundable fare. Most cheap tickets these days are not refundable. You only get a credit.

    It costs more to be certain that you are buying a refundable ticket, but that is the only way that you will KNOW that you can get your money back.

    You can check into getting travel insurance, but you MUST make sure that it covers cancellations on your part,for the reasons that you imght cancel. All travel insurance does not always cover all situations.

    If the airline cancels the flight, then you generally do get a refund, otherwise not.

  • 3 months ago

    It's complicated. I know several people who had plane tickets. IF the airline cancelled the flights, their money was refunded. If not, all they could get was a credit for another flight, although some airlines extended the time that the credits could be used to 2 years. There are some predictions that we're going to be hit hard again next fall, and everything may shut down again. What you can do for 800 depends a lot on where you are. If you're near the west coast, i would suggest Mexico- good resorts, and cheap flights. If you're on the east coast, the Caribbean is going to be more affordable. In the past, a cruise would be great for 3 friends- share a cabin, all the food is included, and the Caribbean is warm and lovely in December. BUT I don't know if the ships will be sailing. 

  • Mark
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    That is uncertain right now.  It SEEMS that this "lockdown" will be over in June, but who knows what the future may hold? My advice:  if there are still any around, consult a "travel agent".

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