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How much weight would an anorexic female lose in a month?

Say an anorexic female consumes 0 calories on the weekdays, and 200-300 calories each day on the weekends. How much weight would she lose within a month? How about within a week?

She is 5'2 and 118 pounds to begin with and has already lost 4 pounds from the first day (so she is now 114 pounds).

Also if she becomes satisfied with her weight after the weight loss and gradually increases her calorie intake by 100 calories a day so she can get back to healthy eating habits, would she gain all the weight back?

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    No way to know. We don't know her activity level or the speed of her metabolism. The more muscle mass she loses, the slower her metabolism, so the fewer calories a day the body will burn (as it consumes its own tissue to survive). Starvation diets start with water weight loss. The woman in question didn't lose 4 lbs of fat/muscle in 1 day, as that would require a huge calorie deficit.

    Will she gain some weight back as she starts to eat more calories at some point? Hopefully, yes. Unfortunately, what she'll have done is cause her body to use much of her muscle mass as energy, and the less muscle we have the slower our metabolism (the fewer calories our body uses at rest). On top of that, since the heart is a muscle, there's significant risk of heart damage from starvation diets. With a lower metabolism, the body will store fat more easily (so it'll be easier go gain weight, but the weight will be fat, not the needed muscle). 

    She's not a very wise young lady, nor the first who thought she could starve herself into an unrealistic goal weight, and maintain it. Like those who tried before her, she'll find out that it's virtually impossible to do in anything close to a healthy manner (maintain the extreme weight loss) and the harm to her body, some of which may not be evident for months or years, is may affect her permanently (including potential for a shorter lifespan). 

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    She'd probably pass out from hunger within a week or 10 days.  At that point she'd be taken to a hospital, evaluated, found to be suffering from a life-threatening mental illness, and committed to a mental hospital for her own good.  Hopefully she would be able to get help at that point.  Anorexia kills a lot of its victims and is a horrible way to die.

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    She wouldn't have much to lose.

  • You are not describing someone with anorexia which is a mental condition. You are describing someone fixated on weight loss and deciding to take on a really terrible diet. Those are two very different things. 

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    you seriously need therapy

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    She will grow ill, get a hairy body, dizziness, loose teeth, stomach pains, abnormal heart rhythms and she will NEVER be satisfied by her weight and will either lose more or stay at a dangerously low weight. Such is the effects of this terrible mental illness.

    If the above happens,  she will die of a heart attack at a young age, usually while straining with chronic constipation on the toilet (true, according to nurses.)

    If her parents manage to get her treatment and she showssome recovery, she is still likely to suffer medical issues for LIFE, such as infertility and bones that snap like twigs.

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    Probably nothing because the body will go into starvation mode where it stops burning up calories but starts using your own lean muscle tissue to survive but it wouldn't take long before the person ends up in hospital or possible death.

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