Phoenix, AZ Dwellers: is the summer unbearable heat or have you gotten used to it? ?

Is it a humid or dry heat? Are there speci precautions that are taken for kids' sports practices in summer or is it the same as anywhere else and the kids are just used to heat? 

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    4 months ago
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    It's a dry heat, which feels like 10 degrees lower than in higher humidity climates, so if it is 110, it would feel like 100 elsewhere.  The kids suffer here.  The schools are cruel.  I drive by them jogging at 110 degrees in the hottest part of the summer, no water bottles.  Some kids have been known to faint.  I guess until someone dies, they will continue to be cruel.  I can't imagine how agonizing it is for kids who are sensitive to the extremes.  Thank G*d I didn't grow up here. 

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    Generally speaking Arizona doesn't have the humidity that you find in the eastern USA.  The issue with southern Arizona, predominantly in the summer is the monsoon rains.  Helps if you understand the landscape.  Phoenix is at about 2000 feet elevation.  Flagstaff about 150 miles to the north is at over 7000 feet elevation.  The demarcation line is something called the Mogollon Rim,  When storms blow up from the south during the summer they bump into the Mogollon Rim, which causes them to dump massive amounts of rain and lightening on places like Phoenix.  When that happens the humidity will jump up temporarily.  I recall a night in July at 10PM, the temperature was 110 degrees and it was pouring rain.  By noon the next day all the puddles were dried up and the humidity level drops dramatically.  But, 115+ is damn hot no matter.

    I can't speak to how sports are handled for kids, because I didn't have kids when I lived there.  I was involved in adult sports, which were usually done at night under lights.  But we also played outside during the day.  My friends and I used to play golf in the summer, where we played wearing only shorts.  No shirt, no shoes.  If we lived through the first 9, the pro would let us play the second nine for free.

    In a sense you do acclimate to the heat.  But it's still dangerous to be very active outside when the ambient temperature is 115.

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