What news network can I trust?

A unbiased news network, USA preferably. 


It can be any network outside USA too.

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  • 8 months ago
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    Fox Business is supposed to be quite good, and people find it less sensational than the main Fox News Channel.

    Fox News (main channel).... people are starting to get a bit frustrated with it, as it's started getting "too liberal" in the day time after the breakfast show, then a slightly more normal service resumes in the evening programming when Tucker Carlson, Jeanine Pirro + Sean Hannity put in an appearance.

    The 2 Fox channels are the best bet if you want to watch politicians giving important campaign speeches without the host constantly cutting in to yabber every so often.... and they also stream them on YouTube & Facebook so you don't miss them if your regular cable or satellite service is having problems.

    One America News (OAN).... a number of people getting frustrated with Fox are turning to this channel. It has been known to get a bit sensationalist occasionally, but it also does some good investigative stuff and is prepared to ask questions the other networks are too chicken to ask. At least worth it for Liz Wheeler + Graham Ledger.


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    Newsmax - available on Satellite, cable + also streams live on YouTube

    Sky News Australia - only available in snippets on it's youtube channel, but covers alot of US + British stuff in addition to the Aussie content


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    Local versions of Fox News / ABC / NBC news - tend to behave better than the national and international editions... which have been known to suddenly lose interest in stories on their patch if it goes against the narrative they're trying to push, such as the national channel trying to push that no one wants a border wall, but the local channel talked to actual local people and the majority want to build the wall.

    PBS News Hour is good to add to the mix, and it also livestreams on YouTube + has replays available if you miss it.

    The Rubin Report - social commentary & interviews show on YouTube + TheBlaze with Dave Rubin... an ex. Liberal leaning former member of "The Young Turks" who has started slowly gravitating towards being conservative after finding you get better debates from that side.

    The Daily Wire - Social commentary and interviews

    Louder with Crowder - comedy mixed with social commentary on the news & interviews with Steven Crowder.

    TheBlaze TV (well it's good content if you like decent debate on politics & social issues)

    PragerU - started doing it's own interview shows on top of the usual educational content on politics & social issues in the news.

    John Stossel - the veteran Libertarian reporter has branched out into doing his stuff calling out problem issues on YouTube, covering things the mainstream outlets are too chicken to feature. 


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  • 8 months ago

    BBC Worldwide          

  • 8 months ago

    There is no such thing as an unbiased news network, not in the USA or anywhere else.  The vast majority are left wing, many are right wing, a few are centrist (centrist counts as a bias), and then there's the lunatic fringe outside of the mainstream.  Find which one best suits your personal bias, and there you go.

  • nappa
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    8 months ago

    One America News, if you don't get it on cable go to you tube, looks for Graham ledger or liz wheeler, both tel it like it is,,

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  • Rod
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    8 months ago

    If I suggest Fox news then people will say I'm a right wing person and if I suggest CNN people will say I'm a left wing.

    How about watching both and others and apply some critical thinking of your own on the news you are hearing -- is there two sides to a news story or is it only an opinion you are listening to?

  • I generally go outdoors & watch the skies for a bit.

    Crows/Starlings/Magpies and possibly Swallows provide excellent information from which accurate need may be discerned.

    Sparrows can be unreliable, particularly on the Current Covid 19 PanicDemic.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    there must be an awful lot of saloons.  

    lost count at the number of times, the press have have been warned about drinking in the last chance saloon.

    self regulation has failed.

    government control of the news will allow donald trump to control the media like North Korea

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    PBS News Hour presents both sides of most issues.

  • Mark
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    8 months ago

    News NETWORK?  They don't exist.  What, ONLY news?

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    There is no such a thing as an unbiased network in the USA. The least unbiased network I know is probably Al Jazeera but it's Arabian and I'm sure as a good little American you will find something to criticize about.

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