What does open enrollment mean for a public school or a school district? I hear it often for high schools?

Does open enrollment for public school, a high school in this situation, does it mean that specific high school, is able to accept students from anywhere regardless of where that student lives, as in, it can work or be like a private school, parochial school.

Since for the most part, public schools are limited to boundary lines, there are no boundary lines for private schools or parochial schools, or just no residential enrollment boundaries or attendance boundaries.

Which on the way it looks like, in most cases when comparing a public school and private school, private schools can accept students from a much bigger, or just unlimited geographical radius, meanwhile public schools, require that the students live within a certain distance from the campus before letting them in, require that they live in the area, or get an interdistrict transfer, which is normally a difficult process.

So overall, explain to me what open enrollment means for a public school.


should have mentioned, for private schools or parochial schools, they can accept students from anywhere regardless of where they live as long as they pay the tuition fees, public schools for the most part, require that you live within certain neighborhood boundaries or school district boundary lines, live within a certain distance, etc.

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