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How did nation's with no migration or tourism get infected by the Coronavirus?.?

I looked on the map with countries that have Coronavirus and I find it fishy that some micronations that don't have tourism or migration get the Coronavirus ,some of these places infected don't even have more then 2 airports in the entire nation so how can this virus have traveled so far ?. This has me at odds with the media now.

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    Vietnam tourism company from

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    There are no real "nations with migration or tourism". Every nation on the map has tourism or migration, and most have both. Even if there is only one airport, there is migration or tourism happening at that airport, because otherwise there would be zero airports. Even nations with no airports, such as Vatican City, still have tourists who come by land or sea.

    Even a micronation with zero airports and no tourism or migration still has some travel, because someone has to transport the mail, food, etc.

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    3 months ago

    No place has no tourism or outside visitors and only a few don't allow their own citizens to travel.

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    It only takes ONE person who's traveled from another place. Any city anywhere in the world is vulnerable as a likely hotspot. The only countries where they don't yet have coronavirus cases are mostly remote islands like the Solomons, Vanuatu, the Marshall Islands, etc. And many have only been able to keep Covid-19 out by closing themselves off completely.

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    And exactly which of these afflicted "micronations" do you like to imagine as having no tourism or migration?

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    Maybe they don't have giant walls paid for by Mexico outlining their borders

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