Other than some social media activity, were the Democrat and media stories about Russian hacking of the 2016 election all a lie?

New evidence emerges today.

The story that has been reported for years was that Russians hacked the DNC email servers, gave the emails to Julian Assange, and he released them publicly in 2016.

We were told that cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike had forensically confirmed that Russians hacked the DNC Email server. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/15/us/politics/rus...

Once again, it was all BS!

In recently declassified testimony from Dec. 2017, Crowdstrike said they had no proof that Russia did it, or that the data was ever stolen. They don't know what really happened. https://www.realclearinvestigations.com/articles/2...

The email server was never turned over to the FBI for forensic analysis. We all believed this because of FAKE NEWS reporting that told us so.

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    7 months ago
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    Evidence is out and more is coming out. The crimes committed are very serious.  The lies we have been told for years are astounding, what a massive cover up and such deceit.

    These people knew and said one thing under oath and went right out and said the exact opposite to the American people through the MSM.  This is all serious for our country.  This evidence is stuff anyone and everyone can look at.  

    The sad thing is many of our fellow Americans will not look at any of it for themselves.  They will instead continue believing and parroting the lies we have all been told for years.  They attack and malign those who try to guide them to the truth.  

    The lies continue from those who committed the crimes and are working hard to cover it all up.  The politicians, people from the Obama administration, the FBI, etc., etc.Go look for yourself.  The evidence and truth are there for anyone to see!

  • Before Trump was elected; the fake news was flying like a wayward dodo on acid. I have been content to let the dust settle on all news before even considering it.

  • Sally
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    7 months ago

    Almost everything in your post is false. I will address just one: the FBI investigated the server. Intelligent people know that you don't have to turn over the physical server equipment since you can make a digital clone of what's on it. That is what happened.

    You can decide to believe conspiracy theories and nonsense; intelligent people have decided to believe our intelligence agencies, foreign intelligence agencies, facts and forensics.

  • 7 months ago

    Yes. Russia's involvement amounted to a few thousand dollars' worth of ads on Facebook and sporadic failed attempts to access sensitive material. Democrats and their media allies spoke of the matter as if it was a foregone conclusion that Russia tampered with the election itself and materially assisted Trump in winning. They hoped we would just take their word for it.

    It was a huge red flag when the DNC refused to let the FBI examine its server to verify and trace the alleged hack. The DNC clearly had something nefarious to hide.

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  • 7 months ago

    These are all stories the Left will never know about because CNN and MSNBC have them blacked out .

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